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Janet Jackson Blasts Diddy For Setting Her Up

Janet Jackson Blasts Diddy For Setting Her Up


At this juncture, anyone who has ever stood next to Diddy should be fearful for their safety due to the intense scrutiny being directed at those who were close to him. There is now speculation that Janet Jackson may have been implicated in Diddy’s affairs as well, and she is reportedly upset with Diddy for allegedly attempting to manipulate her.

Moreover, there is curiosity about the connections being drawn between Michael Jackson’s legal troubles and those involving Diddy. This situation is becoming increasingly intriguing for observers.

Diddy and Janet’s Limited Interaction History

When it comes to Diddy and Janet Jackson, there have been a few documented interactions over the years, but one thing you should know is that their friendship doesn’t go all the way back.

In fact, during a sit down with Andy Cohen in 2015, Diddy said that he was not even in touch with Janet. “Are you in touch with Janet?” Cohen asked. “Oh no no no no no,” Diddy replied. “But I mean I know her. I just never got a number for us to keep in touch, got it.”

The 2004 Super Bowl Incident

The other time that he talked about Janet was when he was reflecting on the infamous 2004 Super Bowl, where he performed but nobody remembers because of Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.

You all remember that infamous 2004 Super Bowl incident, right, and how Janet Jackson was literally blackballed from the industry and lost so many opportunities while Justin Timberlake played the role of innocent soul and prospered?

Well, when reflecting on the incident, Diddy said that, one, he was mad because nobody remembers his performance, and two, he said that people should move on. “Yeah, saying time to move on and I think she’s at a great place and the world just needs to get over it, okay.”

Recent Interactions and Connections

When Diddy was talking about the incident, he still had not had any contact with Janet, but he definitely got her number later on. Because in the last few years, there has been a bit of interaction. One of them is in this video that Diddy himself shared sweetly kissing Janet’s hand backstage at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

While it’s hard to hear everything that Diddy told Janet in the video with the flashing cameras and chatter going on in the background, he clearly lets her know that he’s a longtime fan and says, “I’ve always loved you.”

Another thing you should note about that moment is that Janet made a surprise appearance at the award show to present the icon award to her friend Mary J Blige. And other than the video of kissing Janet’s hand, Diddy who hosted and executive produced the show also posted a series of photos of himself hugging and giving Mary a kiss on the cheek backstage to celebrate her getting the award.

Janet Jackson’s Association with Mary J. Blige and Diddy

A lot has been said about Mary J Blige possibly knowing what Diddy was up to, given how close they’ve always been. Because Mary has always been so close to Janet, a lot of people can’t help but wonder if Janet also knew what was going on or if Mary J Blige told her about Diddy. But what I do know is that Diddy and Janet became kind of close.

Naomi Campbell and Janet Jackson’s Brief Connection with Diddy

For those who recall, Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell even joined Diddy at Lavo in London to commemorate the release of his new album and his 54th birthday

 This event took place just days before Cassie’s explosive lawsuit. They both captured their good time by sharing photos from the bash on Instagram.

However, a few days after Cassie’s lawsuit dropped, both Naomi and Janet removed their posts about Diddy, seemingly cutting ties with him. Like many other celebrities at the time, an insider mentioned that losing people like Naomi and Janet was a significant blow to Diddy.

The insider remarked, “Losing people like Naomi and Janet, those types, it’s going to be very hard on him because he’s such a narcissist.” Naturally, after deleting all evidence of ever being with Diddy, people had many questions.

Were they deleting these posts because they did not want to be associated with Diddy and disapproved of his behavior? Or did they delete the posts because they were somehow involved in what Diddy was doing?

Speculations and Allegations

Since neither Naomi nor Janet addressed their relationship with Diddy, people started speculating and saying that they knew what Diddy was doing. Now, with Naomi, there was a lot to go by because she has actually been exposed in the Epstein case.

Unsurprisingly, Naomi denied having any connection to Epstein, stating that she was introduced to Epstein on her 31st birthday by her ex-boyfriend and that Epstein was always front and center at Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. “This is a direct character assassination. I’ve always said that I’m not a saint, that I am a work in progress, but I will not be held hostage by my past,” she stated.

Furthermore, she maintained that she was unaware that Epstein was using her name to draw in young girls who were interested in modeling, and she condemned Epstein’s actions as indefensible. “What he’s done is indefensible, and when I heard of what he had done, it sickened me to my stomach, just like everybody else, because I’ve had my fair share of predators, and thank God that I had good people around me that protected me from this. I mean, right now, I stand with the victims. It’s sick,” she said.

In addition, Naomi expressed deep regret over having had any contact with Epstein after his conviction. She said that despite rubbing shoulders with Epstein, whom she once called “one of the hundreds of thousands of people that she stood next to to take a picture,” she was unaware of Epstein’s alleged crimes at the time.

“Um, let’s just say that people were not about to let her off that easily, ’cause even though Naomi denied being directly involved with whatever was happening with Epstein, just like several people who were mentioned in the court documents, she had a chance to say something for years, but she did not.

In fact, one of the people who was affected said to Naomi after she denied any involvement, ‘You saw me at your parties. You saw me in Epstein’s homes. You saw me on the plane. You saw me get my haircut. You saw me on the streets. You saw me.’ So, according to many people, she saw exactly what was going on and only defended herself when everything blew up.

But there had been receipts clearly placing her in private jets that went to the island. Based on this, people have also started asking if Naomi was also a pimp for Diddy because, as we have figured from the lawsuits, there were a lot of women involved over the years, and Diddy must have had help getting all of them.

Whether or not Naomi was involved will probably be revealed one day. But as for Janet Jackson, child, a lot of people did not want to believe that she was involved in any way, especially because her brother Michael Jackson had been involved with similar allegations, and Janet has always defended her brother when it comes to Michael Jackson.

Of course, we already know of the documentary where people like Wade Robeson and James Safechuck accused MJ of saying them for years, beginning when they were respectively about 7 and 10. In fact, before and even after his death in 2009, Michael Jackson was the subject of multiple accusations and police investigations, as well as civil and criminal lawsuits. And it didn’t help that Michael’s sister LaToya also said that the accusations were true.

Now, you stop and you think for one second and you tell me what 35-year-old man is going to take a little boy and stay with him for 30 days and take another boy and stay with him for 5 days in a room and never leave the room. That old interview resurfaced in the wake of HBO’s Leaving Neverland, in which LaToya was at a press conference telling reporters that she could not and would not be a silent collaborator of his crime.

“And if I remain silent, then it means that I feel the guilt and humiliation that these children are feeling, and I think it’s very wrong.” Now, for some reason, people have started pointing out connections between MJ and Diddy.

And the first thing that has come up is that Diddy’s head of security and alleged hitman Fim Muhammad was also head of security for Michael Jackson. Not that it proves anything, but people also pointed out that Michael Jackson was also mentioned in the Epstein case, particularly during the testimony of witness Johanna Soberg, one of the people who alleged that she was touched inappropriately by British royal Prince Andrew.

When Johanna was asked if she met anyone famous at Epstein’s personal residence in Palm Beach, she said that she had met Michael Jackson. Again, this doesn’t prove any connection to Diddy, but there are people insisting that all these rings are related and all these cases are related.


I know it’s Hollywood, and it could actually all be connected, which is why people are speculating that Janet Jackson probably knows a lot about what happened. Well, nothing really links her directly to anything, but do you think it’s a little far-fetched to believe that Janet Jackson may have been involved?

Do you think there’s any connection between her brother and Diddy? And why do you think Janet removed all evidence of being with Diddy after Cassie’s lawsuit?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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